For the most part, I try to keep my blog related to food themes. However, since my blog is mainly an expression of creativity, I will bend the rules and allow an occasional art project.

Today's art project, canvas flowers

One of my many ways of nursing my inner introvert is through projects.  I enjoy to serenity and the silence of working with my hands and creating a piece.

Sometimes I also use art projects as a way to procrastinate. For example, a week before moving across the country, I decided to paint my table and reupholster the chairs to match with red fabric.

Am I an artist? Not really, no. Can I draw? Only if you want something that resembles a rabid miss-shaped dog or a stick figure.  What can I do? Think differently and creatively. This combination usually results in a variety of disastrous art projects that consume all corners of the house. For example, the crayon art  projects spiraling around Pinterest a few weeks back.  My rendition didn’t turn out very well and terminated in taking a butter knife to my apartment window to scape off splattered melted green crayon.

Yesterday, I learned that crayons splatter when melted with a hair dryer. I really should have seen this one coming

In a quest of redemption, I set out to put my extra five canvasses to good use.  As an infrequent pinner, I noticed some flower canvas art that looked cool and simple. I decided to use photographs instead of scrapbook paper/fabric.  I’m so happy I used photographs because each petal has a story. Also, by using photographs, the canvas has become uniquely mine.

The first step was to scroll through my thousands of photographs and pick out photos of like colors.  I chose about 7-10 photos for each canvas (I used square 12×12 inch canvases). One hour later I battled the lines at Costco and picked up my photos along with an Easter ham.

Next, I painted the canvases with acrylic paint. One of my previous art projects included creating a canvas out of my dining room table (see photo above), so I had plenty of acrylics on hand. You can purchase acrylic paint for 99 cents at Michael’s.  Paint one coat, let it dry fully, then paint a second coat.

While the second coat dried, I began to cut out the petals.  I used 4×6 photographs. For large petals, I cut the photo in half to create a 2×3 rectangle. For smaller petals, I cut the photo in 4 pieces.

Cut in a curve from corner A to C.

Then in a curve from corner C to A.

After the petals are cut, take glue (I used scrapbook glue sticks, but I’ve heard hot glue works well) and glue the petals in the desired design. Since I made 5 different canvases, I mixed up the designs by creating 2 flowers and placing the center off to the side. This creates an eclectic feel.


I’m going to modge-podge these later, but for now they are great! ETA 2-3 hours with distractions.

Hanging canvases

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